April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 23, An East Tennessee Ride

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“Wanna go for a ride”?

My husband just got a new motorcycle a couple of days ago and he got insurance added to it today.

“Come on,” he urged, “I have to get gas anyway.”

“Okay, if we can ride to the lake,” I replied.

This is usually my stipulation. I love the water and the lake is my happy place. So off we went. This new bike doesn’t have a “sissy bar” for me to lean back against so I had to hold on, but I still managed to get a few pictures. This sissy wants her bar! I’m afraid I’ll bounce off without one.

We rode to South Holston Dam where were people out walking, bicycling, and fishing at a safe social distancing space. It felt so good to feel the cool air and see so much green. But when we stopped the sound of the water was the best! You know what this means?? Time to stop blogging for the day and start planning our first camping trip of the year!

I hope you enjoy the pics & stay safe.

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