Top Three Pet Peeves

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It’s day three & I’m supposed to list my top three pet peeves. The first one popped into my head instantly. The other two I had to think about a bit more.

  1. When I let someone pull out in front of me in traffic and they don’t acknowledge it! How hard it is to give someone a little wave 👋 to let them know you appreciate the gesture?? Seriously. Just throw up your hand!
  2. When people ask personal questions. Don’t ask me how much I paid for my house. Don’t expect me to tell you something that someone else has told me in confidence. I won’t ask you.
  3. Passive-aggressive personalities. Don’t try to control me with guilt. And say what you mean. I DON’T miss the backhanded compliments/comments that you make. I just don’t acknowledge them, but I do learn a little bit more about you if you make them.

That’s all for this post. I don’t really like that it was a negative post but that’s what was asked for on the challenge for today.

Have a good day & stay safe!

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