Someone Who Inspires Me

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For day four I’m supposed to write about someone who inspires me. There have been several people who have made an impact on my life, but today I’m focusing on my husband. He has always supported our family. When we were younger there were times when he worked more than one job. He never complained. He always supports me and encourages me. When I was in nursing school he stepped up and occupied the kids so I could study. He is active in our church and is a godly role model. He’s coached basketball and softball and gone to countless awards ceremonies and banquets. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s fixed my fishing poles after I’ve tangled up the line. He’s a grilling machine! He walks with me in the evenings even though he doesn’t consider it “real exercise”. He took care of his dad when he was sent home on hospice and is currently taking care of his mom’s finances and trying to get her house sold. Even though he does all this he still feels guilty when he buys himself anything! He is selfless and he inspires me immensely.

Thanks for letting me share. Stay safe!

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