Ten Songs That I’m Loving Right Now

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1. Cheap Seats-Alabama

2. The Greatest-Kenny Rogers

3. Centerfield-John Fogerty

I’m still missing baseball season really badly so the first three ⬆ songs are dedicated to that.

4. Stacy’s mom-Fountains of Wayne.

⬆I listen to this a lot when I’m running, but I’m singing “Jenna’s (or Dawson’s) mom has got it going on…” 😅

5. Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack.

More than one song but they’re all good.⬆

6. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)-The Proclaimers

This one ⬆ is for when I’m walking (obviously)

7. Old Hippie-The Bellamy Brothers

⬆ Just because it’s good!

8. Where the soul never dies-The Oak Ridge Boys

9. Bridges and Walls-The Oak Ridge Boys

10. American Beauty-The Oak Ridge Boys

Finally! THE OAK RIDGE BOYS are the best! I love them all but I picked out three that especially are speaking to me right now. American Beauty is great when I’ve got my “Zebco fishing pole fishing downstream”. 🎶🐟 🎣

That’s all for today! Stay safe. 😉

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