Share Something You Struggle With

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For day 8 of this challenge I am sharing that I have trouble with time management. I have gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older and I try to pass my helpful tips to my kids. The following things help me to keep my daily schedule organized. I find that I am much more relaxed when I actually implement these. I hope something on this list helps you as well.

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  • Plan ahead the night before
  • Work on your most important tasks in the morning
  • Invest in a planner
  • Have a checklist and be proud every item you check an item off
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Schedule time for breaks
  • Stop striving for perfection
  • Sometimes you just have to say “NO” and don’t feel guilty about it



  1. This is very relatable! I can definitely find myself getting really focused on one thing and having a hard time getting away to deal with other things I need to do too. It is great you have found ways to improve your time management – all great ideas!

  2. I definitely do everything on your list! Although not everything is planned the night before. But as you have said we tick those that we have done off so there will always be left-overs from the day before. I have my Coffee Bean Giving Journal as my planner and I have so many notebooks that were given by friends in the past. They are now very useful that I am mostly just at home. I love taking breaks! They keep me sane.

  3. Love it. I find it hard to eliminate distractions, especially when I am trying to exercise. I keep thinking of all the other things I could be doing instead….so frustrating!

  4. I am easily distracted….I am the post it note queen. I leave lists of things to do for the week, things to pick up at the store, things to do around the house, bills to pay, etc. It is such a great feeling to cross off the item then throw away when the list is complete.

  5. I struggle with waking up early to do workout. my workout usually is after work, and im thinking of moving it to the morning right after waking up. but, im struggling. haha

  6. I once struggled with time management specially when I started with my small business. I have other commitments here and there and it was stressful until I came up with a routine (though I don’t follow them strictly). I always keep with me a journal and a ‘reminder’ list on my smartphone.

  7. This is hard for me too. And I do better when I make the plan the night before. But then it’s almost like I get tired of making plans, so I stop that. And then the cycle starts all over!

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