Aromatherapy Shower Diffuser AND The Benefits of Lavender Oil

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Well, as usual, I made a trip to Ross over the weekend. Somehow I found myself to be ALL out of lavender essential oil and I can usually find some there. I was over the moon when I found this shower diffuser that came with 2 bottles of lavender oil. It was only $11.99. Yayyyyyy!

It was so easy to set up and attach to the wall. The area just needed to be clean and dry.

  • Remove the paper off the back off the mounting dock pad
  • Press sticky side to wall for 60 seconds
  • Remove battery cover, insert batteries, replace cover
  • Put wicks and drip guards in bottles of oil
  • Screw bottles into each side of diffuser
  • Adjust fan speed and press button to start…EASY PEASY

Then I was ready to try it out. Don’t worry, there are NO pictures of that! 😆 It lights up when running and there is just a low hum from the fan that blows the scent out. The fans can be adjusted from low to high. Overall it works great and combined with the steam from the shower it WAS relaxing.

Action shot.

Reasons Why I Love Lavender Essential Oil:

  • Good for soothing & healing skin
  • Promotes restful sleep and reduces stress & anxiety
  • Acts as a pain reliever
  • Has antibacterial & anti- inflammatory properties
  • Freshens the air

Best Uses:

  • Combine with a base oil and add to a bedtime bath
  • Add to a carrier oil to use for massage

Generally speaking, lavender oil is nontoxic and nonirritant. Always try on a small area first to see if it happens to irritate you.

So go see if your local Ross has any of these and let me know if you find one. ☺ You’ll be so glad you did! Stay safe!

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