Book Review: Bike Repair & Maintenance for Beginners

This review is for ‘Bike Repair and Maintenance for Beginners: Learn the basics of bike repair at home’ by Chris Armstrong.

I really liked this book a lot. This is coming from someone who has no experience working on bicycles but can pick up on things pretty quickly. This book is a very quick read. It starts with a brief history of the bicycle which was actually very interesting. After that, it covers common tools, the right (and wrong) types of lubricants to use, setting up a workspace for your maintenance/repairs, and some quick repair tips. Then the second half of the book really dives into the repair and maintenance of a bike. There is a section on lubrication, winterizing, tire pressure, installing new pedals, removing and replacing wheels, hubs, replacing brake pads, replacing a seat, and ends with a variety of tips.

I recently upgraded my bike and I plan to ride a lot more. So I wanted to learn how to do the maintenance myself as much as possible. The one thing that disappointed me was that it didn’t teach me what to do for a slipping chain. My husband is currently having this problem with his bike and I have had the same problem with my bicycles in the past so I was really looking for help with that.

Other than that, though, I felt that it was a great book. I learned a lot, including the fact that I have been a very bad bike owner up until this point. As long as I had air in my tires and there wasn’t any loud squeaking I thought that I was good to go. I now know the things that I should be doing regularly and how to do them. So thanks so much for this book. It has taught me a lot!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe. 😷

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