Book Review: Sunset Summer

Sunset Summer by Stephanie J Scott is a fun young adult read.

It all started when Holliday “helped” her sister, Grace, by being her designated driver, even though Holli only had a learner’s permit. And neither of them should have been at the party. Because of this Holli is forced to spend her summer, away from her home and her track team, with her grandparents working at their coastal inn. She tries hard at first to get out of it, but as time goes on she realizes that it’s not so bad. She makes new friends at her court appointed community service and meets a special guy.

But Holli has a big secret that threatens to ruin it all. She needs to make some tough decisions and grow up a little before she can find true peace. But will she be able to do that? And what effect will it have on her fledgling relationship? Read it to find out… I’m glad that I did.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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