Book Review: The Ellie Dwyer Series by Diane Winger

I’m backkkkk! I haven’t posted in a while. In January I lost my dad, which was very hard. Also, starting a new job in March has kept me pretty occupied. So I didn’t have the heart to blog for a while. Doing some reading helped me cope with life so here’s a series review of four books.

This book series really spoke to my heart! There are four books in this series at the time of this review and I enjoyed them all, but of the four the third one was my least favorite. It had characters that weren’t my favorite and seemed to lag at points. But that aside, the series is a lot of fun. The author recaps previous events in each book so they can be read alone, but I think it’s nicer to follow the story from beginning to end.

Book 1

In book one, Ellie Dwyer’s Great Escape, Ellie’s adventure begins. We are introduced to the character as she faces major changes in her life. After her husband disappears with no explanation, instead of hanging around and letting life just happen, she chooses to change it all. She hits the road and eventually decided that camping life is for her. She meets new people, including an older lady named Ruth, finds new hobbies, and begins to realize that she is more capable than she thought.

Book 2

By book two, Ellie Dwyer’s Big Mistake, Ellie has really embraced her new lifestyle. She and her good friend, Ruth, continue their adventures. This book reveals some secrets and wraps up some things in Ellie’s life. Some things from her past resurface and, as the title says, she makes some mistakes. Oops

Book 3

The reality of COVID hits in book three, Ellie Dwyer’s Change of Plans. Ellie and Ruth are separated some in this book due to COVID and travel restrictions so they resort to video chats for a while. Due to roadside problems Ellie meets someone special. Could he be the one? I’m not telling.

Book 4

The fourth book, Ellie Dwyer’s Startling Discovery, was released this spring. I sincerely hope that it isn’t the last! By book four I have grown to love the characters and I live vicariously through them. At this point Ellie has connected with some family of her own and is included as a part of Ruth’s family as well. This book gives us a little mystery and excitement and some drama thrown in along with Ellie and Ruth’s regular adventures.

If you enjoy camping and hiking and, like me, are fascinated with nomadic travel and the vanlife movement you might just enjoy this series, too. I couldn’t wait for some free time at the end of my day to catch up with Ellie and Ruth and see what they were up to! I hope you read and enjoy these, too. If you use an e-reader they are included with Kindle Unlimited.

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