DIY Dog Toys

Today’s DIY is a necessity if you have a dog. I have spent so much money on toys that end up destroyed, some in just a few minutes.

She looks innocent, but don’t fall for it. She destroys toys in a matter of minutes!

I always save our old jeans to use for various projects such as these lace trimmed shorts. I had legs that were cut off of jeans that I had turned into shorts or purses. I cut them into strips using pinking shears so they wouldn’t fray quite so much.

Next, tie 3 strips in a knot on one end. Braid the strips together tightly so it will make it harder to destroy. 😜 Lastly, tie a knot in the other end. If the strips aren’t long enough or you just want to change it up just tie knots at various points on the strips.

All done.

These last a surprisingly long time and she loves them.

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