Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Replenish

Slowly her eyes fluttered open. First the left, then the right. Other than the soft chirps outside her window and a waterfall off in the distance, all was quiet around her for the first time in who knows how long. As she began her stretch she noticed that her psyche seemed calmer, too. Had she finally been able to replenish all the sleep she had lost over the past few months? Her mind seemed clearer, somehow free, like it actually belonged to her again. How refreshing to be able to focus on herself for a change.

She moved the curtain slightly and peeked out the window of her van. Yes, this was the right choice, she thought, as she gazed at the splender of autumn on the Blue Ridge Mountains. How empowering to have spent her first night alone backcountry camping. Something she could check off her bucket list. Yeah, this old van was more than an impulse purchase. It was her best friend and traveling companion for the unforseeable future. The open road. How it replenishes the soul.

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