Things I’m not Bringing into 2023


Now say this with me: “I am not carrying any guilt with me into 2023. This includes past mistakes and bad decisions. I will learn from them and then move on. Guilt will only serve as a stumbling block and I won’t allow it.


I am very capable, as are you, and when I make a decision I will not start second guessing myself. My choices will be well thought out and I will own them. When I try something that is not for me that is okay. I will regroup and start again, but I won’t doubt myself.


Fear will not be allowed to stop me from trying something new. I will step out of my comfort zone and talk to new people, try new things, go to new places, and experience the occasional solo adventure.


I will hit the ground running in January and ‘keep on keeping on’ in my decluttering mission. I still have things to go through, but 2022 was a successful year and 2023 will be even better. No more being bogged down by things that I don’t need or absolutely love. Physical and mental clutter beware, you are both on my list.

Please share in the comments below what you won’t be bringing into 2023. I’m very interested in learning what goals you have set for yourselves. 😊


  1. I like how the new year is the perfect time to think about your goals and resolutions. This is a great list of things to leave behind in 2022. I know I need to work on a few of these myself. I won’t be bringing any negativity with me in the new year.

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