Bloganuary – Books, How Do I Love Thee

Has a book changed your life?

I would say books in general have changed my life. Having the ability to escape from reality for a little while is wonderful. For this reason I really love a good fiction story, but I may read just as many, if not more, nonfiction books.

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders was probably the first book that I read that really inspired me to declutter more seriously. I was already interested in not having so much “stuff”, but that book really jump-started me into action. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to read it again.

Browsing through Goodreads at my lists of books that I have already read I can’t help noticing how my reading has evolved. In the past I would read the same type of book over and over, but as I’ve gotten older my interests have really expanded. What gets part of the credit for that? Well, I do love to learn but that’s not the only reason.

My Kindle is the main reason that I read so much and the reason I read such a variety! Before I got a Kindle I was of the mindset that I really needed to be holding a book in my hand. Smelling it and feeling its pages held an appeal. I wouldn’t say that has changed, but the ability to have thousands of books at my disposal from a device less than half an inch thick is pretty cool. I have Kindle Unlimited which really unlocks so many great books for a small monthly fee.

What book(s) have changed your life? Please tell me in the comments so I can add them to my Kindle library.

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  1. Kindle has really increased my book consumption too. I’m an to purchase way more ebooks than I ever would paperbacks, and it’s easy to story a couple of thousand books which would be impossible with my physical library.

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