Bloganuary – Merrily Traveling Along

What is your preferred mode of travel?

We usually travel by car. I was never a fan of the idea of getting on a plane. It actually freaked me out a little. But then, a few years ago, my husband had a business trip to Las Vegas and we had to fly. It was wonderful. 

Since then, I’ve completely changed my view on plane travel. We’ve also flown to New Orleans, and I even flew to Oklahoma with the kiddos by ourselves. They had never flown before and I had only flown twice. I am still proud of myself for taking them even though my husband couldn’t go. It was empowering.

So now I’m happy to take a plane if it will get me to my destination faster. My preferred method is probably still by car though because we do a lot of camping and that’s more of a car/truck thing.

It’s also worth noting that I like to cruise, too. I got hubby a Margaritaville at Sea cruise for Christmas. We have only been to the Bahamas once before and loved it. It was several years ago. So that’s something fun to look forward to.

So what is your preferred way to travel? I can’t wait to hear other opinions.

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  1. I love the Bahamas! I flew there twice, but never a cruise, though I did go on a boat ride to a smaller island in the Bahamas. Also, the sunset cruise in Cape May, New Jersey, is absolutely beautiful. You get to see dolphins and whales, and of course the sunset!

  2. I love the moment of take off in a plane, and I love being in the air, but the bus like interior of planes isn’t very comfortable. Road travel means you can take more with you, can bring your animal friends along, and have more freedom. Boats aren’t for me because I’m terrified of the water!

    Great post. I love your break down of the benefits of the different ways to travel.

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