Bloganuary – I’d Be Orange

What color describes your personality and why?

Yep, it’s my favorite color.

If I was a color I’d be orange, a color that I associate with creativity and enthusiasm.

I’d be the color of a sunrise, signaling a new day and new possibilities.

I’d be the vibrant color that brings joy and a feeling of being alive.

I’d be the color of adventure and exploration.

I’d be the color of the leaves that change in autumn, a reminder of the cycle of life and the beauty of nature.

I’d be the color of pumpkins that people carve and paint every Halloween, creating lasting memories.

I’d be the warm, glowing color of the setting sun, a reminder of the beauty of the day that has passed.

What color would you be?

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  1. WOW! Love your thoughts — and you fit the “orange” person perfectly! (denotes optimism and cheerfulness–promotes rejuvenation, communication, and positivism)

  2. It is a wonderful color. I don’t know if I have a favorite color: from black to blue, pink, green, etc. Different shades. I’m an artist, I love a bunch of them haha but maybe blue. I’m quite the pensive and sometimes sad person, though I am not unhappy. I’m usually calm and content, just working and enjoying life. Blue is also a calm and serene color, which I am. The color of the sky, the color of beautiful eyes (all eyes are but you know what I mean). It’s a cold color, which I can be. So I can relate to it a lot. Like you and most people, the color we love does indeed reflect who we are and that is wonderful. In my case, it reflects my several I’s haha 😅

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