Bloganuary – Oh That Pesky Floor

What irritates you about the home you live in?

I love my home. About six years ago, after staying way too long in a house we had outgrown, we finally sold it and moved into our current home. There are four of us and we went from almost 1200 square feet to almost 3500 square feet. What a change! And what an adjustment. 😆

This house has been a blessing in so many ways, but that’s not what today’s prompt is about.

What irritates me?

Well, I’m trying to love the floor, but I don’t. We have parquet flooring in the entryway, kitchen, & dining room. Not a fan. ⬇️

We also have carpet on the main level, going up and down the stairs, and in the basement that is a very light color. Because of this it shows every little stain. So I’m constantly scrubbing various spots! Why? Why would someone pick this color?? ⬇️

The former owners had it installed just before selling, so we didn’t want to rip up perfectly good carpet. Now is the time to think about changing it all, but I just don’t want my house to be torn up for who knows how long while it’s being replaced. It’s still in really good shape, too, so I wait…

I’m looking forward to finding out what irritates my blogging family about their homes.

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  1. Really enjoyed your thoughts! Maybe your parquet flooring is irritating because it has been laid out with no pattern and we humans tend to subconsciously auto-find patterns in what we view and feel more comfortable with what “fits” a pattern for us. (According to the American scientist Alan Lightman, human brains actually strive to see things symmetrically. “The reason must be partly psychological,” he says. “Symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in… [It] helps us make sense of the world around us”.Feb 19, 2017
    Why we find symmetry so soothing – BBC Three

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