Bloganuary – I Like My Adult Dreams More

What was your dream job as a child?

When I was a child I was going to sing my heart out and rise to fame. Riches would be mine. People would come from near and far to hear me. I’d be a household name. There was only one problem. I can’t sing as well as I’d like and my voice gives out really quickly.

So I’m not famous. I’m not rich. People don’t travel from all corners of the globe to hear me and few people know my name. And I am so glad. Fame is stressful. I wouldn’t want my life to revolve around trying to stay “relevant”. What if I turned to drugs to deal with the pressures of the spotlight like so many celebrities do?

I prefer living my adult dreams of creating things, traveling and spending time in nature, loving on my family, and being involved in my church.

So I’m okay right here in my little corner of the world doing my little things. Because they’re not really little things. And I hope you’re okay with your life, too.

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