But What Did Jessie See?

It was a cool, dark night in the city. A storm had just passed through and Jessie stepped out onto the fire escape for some fresh air. She immediately saw a suspicious man standing in the alley, reading a newspaper. He had been there a few times lately and each time she saw him a strong sense of unease came over her.

Suddenly, the newspaper he was reading began to spark, then it caught on fire. Quickly the paper was alight with flames. The man calmly and quickly assessed the situation. He didn’t make a move, just stared hard at the paper. The flames began to wither as quickly as they had started. He casually looked around, wondering if anyone else had seen the strange event. Jessie’s eyes were wide as saucers as they locked with his.

He raised his collar and lowered his hat before silently folding the scorched paper as he went on his way. Raven had to stop contacting him this way. It was getting way too dangerous.

This is posted for What do you see # 174- Feb 20, 2023. You can find the rules and how to join by clicking the above link. #Keepitalive #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

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