The Big Reveal

Kam and Jade had been best friends since childhood. Growing up they were practically inseparable. Recently though, Kam had noticed a change in Jade’s behavior. She was distant and withdrawn, and Kam was worried.

The two now stood glaring at each other. It was almost as if they were locked in a battle of wills. Kam had finally had enough and she screamed at Jade, “Stop telling me you’re okay! I know something is wrong and you need to explain yourself!”

Jade was taken aback by the outburst. She sighed and looked away, unable to meet Kam’s gaze any longer. She finally opened her mouth to speak, but it was hard to find the words.

Jade took a deep breath and looked directly at Kam. She had been preparing for this moment for a long time and now she had to reveal the truth.

“This is hard to admit, but I’ve had a secret for a long time. It’s about my job. I don’t do what you think I do.”

Kam was confused. Jade had told her she was working as a telemarketer in the nearby city. “What do you mean?” she asked.

Jade hesitated for a moment before finally continuing. “I’m actually a part of a covert government agency. We’re tasked with protecting the country from threats both domestic and international. It’s a job I take very seriously and unfortunately my cover has been blown. I, we, have to leave the country. It appears that your safety may be compromised, too. I know that this is shocking but there is a plane waiting to take us away.”

Was this the end or a new beginning? Kam didn’t know but she didn’t have a choice. “I guess I’ve always followed you in the past”, Kam said. “Let the adventure begin!”

I wrote this for the JSW Prompt 2-20-2023. The challenge is to write a flash fiction no longer than 300 words using the prompt “stop telling me you’re okay”.


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