Talk To Me, Not At Me

Who are your favorite people to be around?

My favorite people to be around are those I can have a real conversation with. Those who pay attention to what I’m saying, and who I find interesting as well. Learning new things and hearing different perspectives is fun for me. It makes me think. Fun fact: I am not a good small talker. If I desperately try to think of something to say just to keep a boring conversation going I will come up empty every time. That is just not my gift. But, someone who asks questions about me and who responds to my questions with more than one word answers, that’s who I can talk to. Being able to have meaningful conversations with others is an invaluable experience.

The people I like to be around are also compassionate, kind and happy. It’s so refreshing to be in the presence of someone who is able to lift your spirits with their enthusiasm and positivity. It’s almost as if their good vibes are contagious. I find myself in a better mood after being in their presence. That’s something special. 🙂

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  1. Many people want to share their lives, but very few are interested in hearing about your own – have you noticed that? I’m a good listener, I enjoy hearing others stories. But, few ask me to tell me my own. 🙂

  2. Hmm…that’s a good question. I just bought a tie that says, “My favorite people call me Grandpa.”
    Where do these prompts come from?

  3. I love this, and feeling seen and heard is so important! YOU are so right kindness and sparkle is contagious! We need to spread it like wildfire, the world needs more light, love and sparkle. Less hurt and hate. YOU are Brilliant!

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