A to Z Blogging Challenge-“A”- Animal Stuffy

Boy it’s amazing just how difficult it is to find a craft for every letter of the alphabet. Some days I’m going to be winging it. I may have to get a little creative with my use of letters but, for me, creativity is at the root of this challenge.

At first I thought about making an angel craft. But then I found a pattern for this cute turtle stuffy on the back of a bag of Polyfil. Turtles are animals and animals start with “A” so that became the first craft of my A to Z Challenge. Feast your eyes on these beauties! Hahaha. Maybe one day I’ll decide on eyes for the purple one, but right now he’s blind. Well, I think they’re both cute anyway. 😄

Click here or on the photo above for more information about the challenge.

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