A to Z Blogging Challenge-“B”- Buttons

Before Christmas I was shopping for a purple shirt to go with some colorful boho pants that I have. I found this one at Hamrick’s that was made really cute but the more I looked at it the more I hated the ugly brown buttons on the front. They made it look frumpy and dated so I had never worn it.

Then I remembered some wooden buttons that I had purchased online. They were really cute but I hadn’t used them for anything yet.

I picked out a couple of designs that had purple in them. Then I alternated them down the front of the shirt, eight in total.

I really like the way it turned out. The colorful buttons make the whole shirt look more hip. Thanks for checking out my post. Come back tomorrow for “C”.

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  1. Alternating buttons is a cool idea. I may try that some time. I’m not much good with sowing, but I have switched out buttons on lots and lots of things. It’s a super easy way to make store-bought clothes look and feel custom and personal.

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