Hungry, But For What?

After spending months on a solo adventure, exploring the world and discovering new things, I realized that the one thing I was truly missing was human connection. I had seen so many beautiful sights, tasted new foods, and experienced so many different cultures, but the loneliness I felt was overwhelming.

As I sat down at a diner in a small town, I realized I wasn’t that hungry for food. I was starving for companionship. I missed having someone to talk to, to share my experiences with, and to laugh with. The waitress came over to my table and asked what I would like to order. Smiling politely, I ordered a decaf coffee with cream, explaining that I wasn’t hungry for food, but was craving conversation.

The waitress fetched us both a coffee, and then sat down across from me. It was a slow night at the diner so for the next hour, we sat and talked about everything from our favorite books to our dreams for the future. I shared stories from my travels and the waitress shared tales from her life in the small town. It was a simple conversation, but it filled me with a sense of belonging that I had been missing for so long.

As I left the diner, I felt renewed and energized. It wasn’t the coffee that had satisfied me, but the simple kindness and companionship of another person.

Inspired by Nortina.

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  1. Art mimics life, right?

    We are made for connection. As Dr. Curt Thompson says often, “Everyone is born looking for someone looking for them”.

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