Holidays As We Grow and Change

During my childhood, my holidays always included family gatherings. These events were usually at my grandmother’s or my aunt’s house. The atmosphere was always warm and welcoming with plenty of food and fun activities. There were stories told and a lot of laughter all around. These festive occasions allowed us to connect with our relatives, who we may not have seen regularly. I always looked forward to these gatherings and they provided cherished memories that I still treasure to this day.

But, as families grow and change, it is natural for traditions and events to shift and transform. As time passed and all of us kids grew up and began having our own families things began to change. With spouses and in-laws our holidays were altered and we drifted apart. It makes me a little sad that my kids didn’t get to experience large family gatherings, but we’ve made new traditions on a smaller scale and wonderful memories have come with it.

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