Labor Day Weekend Plans?

Do you have plans for the long Labor Day weekend?

On Sunday, Labor Day eve, I plan to cookout with my family. Instead of spending the next day lounging and relaxing, I will be putting in some work to make productive use of the day off. My agenda includes tackling chores at the new house such as pruning outside, emptying out the last of the old materials from the inside, painting ceilings, and nailing down our final design plan. At the end of the day I plan to relax on the back deck with some iced lemonade, looking at the woods behind our property before heading back home.

Labor Day affirmations

1. I am grateful for the opportunity to rest and celebrate my hard work.

2. I take time to appreciate my accomplishments and the progress I have made.

3. I respect and value the hard work I have put in to achieve my goals.

4. I trust that I have the strength and resilience to continue working towards my goals.

5. I am thankful for the balance between work and rest, and I will celebrate the fruits of my labor.

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