How Did August Go For You?

September 1, 2023: What a month August was! It definitely provided a myriad of emotions for me.

The month started with us impatiently waiting for our loan to close, continued from July. This was a drama filled process that took way longer than it should have. BUT, we were finally able to sign all the paperwork and start this demolition journey on August 14th. Most evenings except Wednesdays and Sundays we have spent working on it. The demo is almost done, thank goodness. I’m looking forward to turning it into my dream house.

I got a few good walks in this month, but most of them were before the 14th. I shifted gears somewhat and now I am working out with YouTube videos on my lunch hour. As of today I am back down to 125.4 lbs. I have been working at losing the few extra pounds that have crept up on me. I know this is the time of life when it can sneak up and settle in so I’m trying to keep that from happening.

We went to see our local Appalachian League baseball team, the Johnson City Doughboys, a few times this season and on August 2nd we watched them win the championship. It was fun and they have an awesome “bat dog” because who needs a bat boy when you can have a bat dog??

My son started his fellowship at a local Habitat for Humanity. The job is utilizing both his english and photography degrees. He has really been liking it so far, so I hope that he will be offered a full-time position at the end of the fellowship. He also moved into the fellowship house earlier in the month. It’s quiet without him here.

My daughter got her first apartment at the end of July. She has been staying there on the weekends and her fiance has been staying there during the week because it’s closer to his new job. They are not staying there together until they get married in October. It’s a nice place with a lot of amenities. Our church gave them a wedding shower this month and they got so much stuff! Most of it is now in the apartment, but a few things are still living in my basement.

My bestie and I went to see the I Love the 90s tour. Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Rob Base, the Ying Yang Twins, and Vanilla Ice all performed. I thought it would be fun, but I really went because I knew that she wanted to. I’m glad I did! We had a blast! Now if only an I Love the 80s tour would come…

I guess that’s pretty much the highlights of the month. 😁 Some of the links on my site are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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