Searching For The Perfect Cabinets

Daily writing prompt
What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

As you can see from the before & current pictures above, the kitchen in our new property has been completely gutted. The fridge that came with the house is the only appliance that remains, sitting in the middle of the room. We kept it so that we can have cold drinks and snacks while we are working.

After getting rid of the old cabinets I realized that while I know what appeals to me in a kitchen, I have no idea how to put a design together. I knew that I wanted an L-shaped kitchen so I gave my measurements to a local designer. She helped me get a plan together and sent me home with some much needed peace of mind. I’ve slept a little bit better ever since.

So, to answer today’s question, I’ve been searching online for the perfect cabinets. I really liked the high gloss white ones like the ones that are pictured below. ⬇️

I’m just not sure if I would like them long-term. I’m about 90% sure. I have already purchased a baker’s rack and portable island from Amazon. They are both white and should go nicely with the design. It doesn’t matter right now because we are far from being ready for that, but sometimes it’s just fun to look and plan!

What are you searching for right now?

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