End Of 2023 Goals

What are your goals for the remaining months of 2023?

My main goals are to get the house finished that we are remodeling and to get my daughter’s wedding planned and executed smoothly. Her date is 10/14/2023. We have all the decorations minus a few tablecloths. We have all the boutonnieres and bridesmaids bouquets, but we still need the bridal bouquet. We have to see what is available at our church to use along the lines of candle holders, cake servers, punch bowls, and things like that. She has not yet secured a photographer/videographer. The wedding is at 2:00. We will be serving coffee and cake. I’m unsure about what other food/drinks she wants. So we now have 39 days until the wedding. Time to kick it into high gear!

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  1. Good luck with your goals, Melissa. Congratulations to your daughter for her upcoming wedding. I’ve been married almost 5 years (I got married on April 11 2019). I am still hoping to publish a book. I review a lot of books online and that’s relaxing but also has led to burnout. I’ve already met reading challenge goals. There are lots of things I can’t make other goals easily as I require physical help with all daily tasks because of my severe disabilities and some things are outside my control, and they are important like money and better housing and equipment.

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