Y’all, I Must Learn To Control My Tongue

Describe a minor roadblock in your life right now. What steps are you taking to overcome this obstacle?

We had a lesson on controlling our tongues Wednesday night at church and I had no idea how badly I needed to hear it. The lesson was titled: Confronting Our Giants: The Tongue. The 3 main problem areas that our guest speaker addressed were: Lying, Cursing, and Gossiping. I’ve never had a problem with cursing. I don’t make a habit of lying either, but I can stretch the truth with the best of them and I don’t really think that’s much better. Gossiping, however, is a sneaky little thing. It’s easy to get caught up in casual conversation and suddenly you’re saying things that you shouldn’t or leaning in a little closer to hear the latest juicy tidbit.

Some tips that he suggested to help:

  • Get rid of bad influences-(social media, t.v., people you associate with)
  • Put love into action-John 3:18
  • Put effort in our speech-Proverbs 14:23, James 1:19, Matthew 12:36
  • Personal time in God’s word-Ecclesiastes 2:12, 2 Timothy 3:15

My mouth can sometimes be my roadblock. Our tongues have the power to build up or tear down relationships. It is easy to speak without thinking and we can say things that hurt other people’s feelings. I’m trying to be more thoughtful before speaking, to listen actively to others, and to choose my words carefully. The lesson Wednesday night was the kick in the pants that I needed!

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