The Trip That Makes Me Cringe To Think About

What was your worst vacation?

Ugh, do I have to? I hadn’t been married very long and my husband was asked to be in the wedding of one of his Army buddies. It was in New Jersey and my parents came along with us for the road trip. That was our first mistake. My daddy rode up front with Joe and made a habit of cocking his head over to look at the speedometer and commented regularly that Joe was going too fast.

The wedding part sucked, too. Joe and I weren’t married, or even dating, when he was in the Army, so I wasn’t a part of this group of women. Believe me, they had no intention of making me feel included, just the opposite actually. They were very rude. I was so uncomfortable the entire time. This wouldn’t bother me now, I’d just walk away, but I was young and insecure at the time and it was horrible. I cried over it.

Then…..back at the hotel I locked the keys up in the car. We had to call the police to get into the car. The tool that they used damaged the lock and we had trouble out of that door for years afterwards before we finally got it fixed! More tears.

If I’m not mistaken we left that night after my car was unlocked. No one even wanted to stay in the hotel another night. Terrible, terrible trip and these are just the highlights! There were other specifics and a lot of snide remarks, mostly by my dad, that just didn’t need to be made.

To this day anytime New Jersey is mentioned my Mother makes a negative comment about it based on that one trip. She just can’t let it go and the whole state gets blamed! Ugh.

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