Walk, Read, Bathe

How do you relax?

I need to relax now after writing about the worst vacation I ever had. 😆 But, seriously, getting outside and walking helps me to relax more than anything else. Walking outside is the best way for me to unwind after a long day. The fresh air, the sunshine, and the beautiful scenery instantly boosts my mood!

If the weather is bad, or I don’t feel like walking, I pick up a book (or more likely my Kindle) and escape from the stress of life by immersing myself in a different world. I have a variety of interests and quite a collection on my Kindle so there’s always something good to read.

Finally, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate a good, hot bath. There’s something about the warm water that immediately relaxes my muscles and soothes my mind. Having that quiet time allows me to disconnect from the stresses of work and daily life. Don’t we all need that?

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  1. I miss Baths. My Water Tank is to small to hold much so I only get quick Showers here and longer ones at the Gym. I only get Baths when visiting friends who let me take one.

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