I Hide My Competitive Streak

Daily writing prompt
What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Not many people realize that I’m competitive because I act very nonchalant when I’m challenged, but deep inside, I want to rise to the top. It’s been my little secret, hidden behind the facade of casual indifference.

In school, my classmates often mistook my laid-back attitude for apathy. Little did they know that beneath my calm exterior, I hungered for success. When challenges were thrown my way, I would shrug my shoulders and smile, acting as though I didn’t care, but every fiber of my being was electrified with the desire to surpass expectations.

As an adult I continue to conceal my competitive nature. Colleagues try to outshine me, not knowing the fierce determination that fuels my actions. Instead of engaging in open competition, I choose to silently strategize and plan. Success is not just about talent, but about seizing opportunities and leaving a lasting impression.

My nonchalant demeanor has become a trademark. Even now, people tend to underestimate me, but inside I revel in the sweet satisfaction of proving them wrong. That’s my little secret. 😉

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