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In my journey toward minimalism I have been making a lot of changes. It is so much easier now to let go of things than when I started. When I go shopping now I find myself asking if I really need the items that I find appealing. I also ask myself if there is anything at home that can be gotten rid of if I was to bring something new into the house.

Even though I have donated an unreal number of shoes, clothing, and accessories, I still find myself staring into my closet for way too long trying to pick out an outfit. Enter the Capsule Wardrobe. You may have heard of Project 333 where you put away all but 33 items and just wear those items for 3 months. One of the ideas is that it will reduce decision fatigue. That appeals to me, but only having 33 items does not. Ideally they should all coordinate so you are able to curate many outfits from these few items, but I like patterns and colors too much for that.

This did, however, inspire me to organize my closet in a different way. That’s what I did yesterday morning. I removed my spring/summer clothes which automatically gave me more room to work with. Then I tried on items that I was unsure of and tossed what I didn’t like into the donate pile. Then I tried different items together with matching shoes and hung what I liked as outfits in my closet. I’m sure that as winter comes to an end I will find that there were things that weren’t worn a lot, or maybe at all, and it will be time for more donating. That should work out well because hopefully our other house will be ready to move into by then.

This is still more than I need. Curates outfits on the top. Coats & random tops, scarves & jeans on the bottom.

Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it was so quick and easy picking out my outfit for church this morning. Win-Win! 😉 I also found several apps that will let me plug in pictures of every piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, ect. that will curate outfits for me. I am going to try this too, but I will need time to take pictures of all my stuff and to get it loaded into the app. I hope this inspires you to create a more user friendly closet of your own!

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