April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 30, What I learned this month.

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Photo by Joslyn Pickens on Pexels.com

I started this blog in July 2015 with one post FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Haha. It was really hit and miss from that point on. I decided this year that I wanted to take my blogging more seriously. COVID-19 has definitely helped me to have more time for that! So I decided to challenge myself to blog everyday for the month of April and I plan to continue for the month of May. I have really enjoyed it and I’ve learned some things along the way.

  • I was dedicated to my blog every day for 30 days. That has never happened before.
  • I engaged with other bloggers and got to read some wonderful blogs.
  • I became more determined to grow my blog.
  • I became more self aware.
  • I learned more about affiliates and how monetizing my blog.
  • I feel proud of myself for making a goal and sticking with it.
  • I am going to continue to do this because it makes me happy.

There is a lot more to learn and experience and I’m looking forward to it.

Stay safe!

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