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Well I’ve missed a few days of posting for my no added sugar month, but with good reason. My kids & I got our COVID vaccines. We were not among the lucky ones who didn’t have side effects.

We got the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The shot itself was a little bit more painful than a flu shot. We all agreed on that. The side effects started for me first. At around 6:00 I started feeling tired. The aches soon followed. By midnight I was aching all over and had a headache & chills. I could tell I had a fever but somehow couldn’t find a thermometer in the house! 😡 I was restless all night and had some nausea and indigestion. By morning most of the aches were gone except for the headache. I took some more Tylenol and it went away pretty fast. I spent Sunday napping & laying around. We stayed in and watched our church service on t.v. If you want to check it out on Youtube you can click here:

As for the kids, they didn’t start feeling bad until late Saturday night. They mainly had aches and fatigue and also were lazy on Sunday.

I respect everyone’s right to choose whether or not to get the vaccine. I feel like we did our part to help stop the spread. We will continue to wear our masks and sanitize though, just to be safe. Take care!