We Completed The 21-Day Revival, A Whole Food & Nutrition Program

Well, we made it through the 21 Day Revival. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have a hard time with it. The first week, phase one, was fairly easy to get into because we were excited to get healthier. We received our copy of The 21 Day Revival Cookbook and there were some good recipes in it, like the one in the pics below. ⬇

Phase 1

In phase one we started eating a “clean diet” with lots of nutrients. We phased out junk food. We had no white carbohydrates, nothing with high fructose corn syrup, no red meat, no factory farmed animal products, and no processed foods. Instead, the focus was on whole grains, clean meats, eggs, & dairy products. We also added more gentle exercise.

Phase 2

Phase two kicked it up a notch. We added more plant based foods and decreased animal products. This phase is the one that the book encourages you to get comfortable with because it’s a very healthy way to eat long term.

Phase 3

Phase three was the most challenging. The book called this phase “optimized human nutrition” and “maximal anti-inflammatory eating”. The first 48 hours consisted of a liquid only fast. This is honestly the part that I thought I’d have the hardest time with. At first I wasn’t even planning on trying it. I was just going to eat like the other five days. But I decided to start out the day with a smoothie. It was filling so I had another for lunch. I guess I kinda tricked myself into it by drinking more fluids than normal and not really focusing on not eating, but instead I told myself I’d just have something light if I needed it. Surprisingly, I never did. I made it through the first two days just fine but by day three I was definitely ready for some solid food.

Those two days of liquids only were supposed to ” jumpstart anti-inflammatory chemistry” in the body. The last five days of this phase eliminated wheat, gluten, and most dairy products. The focus was on a primarily vegetarian, plant-based diet. There were other rules as well such as eating all our food during a 12 hour period and not eating two hours before bed.


All in all our 21 Day Revival was a success. While our diet is not perfect now, it has taught us a healthier way to eat. It’s been a couple of weeks since we completed it and we have developed better eating habits. We still need to improve in some areas, but we can’t be perfect all the time. Joe has lost several pounds people have commented on how good he looks. I only lost a couple but that was not my goal. I was hoping eating cleaner would help with some minor joint pain and just help me feel a little better in general. It’s hard to say what effect it has had since I’m in a very stressful time of life.

My dad has a terminal illness and I have been helping my mom take care of him for over a year now. His health is rapidly declining now and the stress is REAL. No diet can fix that. I also was involved in an auto accident a few days ago and ended up with a broken rib. If you’ve never had a broken rib I can tell you it is a painful thing, more so than you would imagine.

Out takeaway: We have adapted better habits and would recommend the 21-Day Revival and it’s accompanying cookbook to anyone trying to live a healthier life. We were surprised with how much junk we were actually eating and are now much more aware of our choices. If you do try this I would love for you to comment below with your thoughts/results.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe! 😷

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