31 Days of Yoga – Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

I’m starting 2022 with a month of yoga. I will be sharing some of my favorite poses and a little info about each one. We will start with easy ones as I have a broken rib due to a car accident. So my first few posts will be easy ones as I ease myself back into a yoga routine.

The Mountain pose is an easy standing pose. To perform it you will place your feet together and keep your body tall and strong, standing as vertically upright as possible. Mountain is the starting pose for the other standing postures in yoga. It is also regularly practiced on its own. This is generally considered to be the most basic posture of all yoga postures.

This is a very simple pose, but it can still improve balance, strength, & stability. There are other benefits, too, that I will list below.

  • When your legs, glutes, and core muscles engage it helps to strengthen your back and improve your posture.
  • Proper alignment allows your internal organs to work better. This can improve digestion, respiration, and circulation. 
  • Mountain Pose mimics the energy of a mountain. It makes you feel strong, grounded, and majestic. Standing tall, rather than slumping over, is emotionally empowering.
  • Standing in the Mountain Pose you should concentrate on a fixed point and on your breathing. This helps to develop sharp focus and a serene mind.

This is a great pose to begin with if you are new to yoga. You’ll find that if you take cleansing breaths, remain still, and focus on a fixed point this simple pose can be very beneficial.

I hope you enjoy this and will spend the month doing yoga with me. Happy 2022 everyone! 😷

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  1. I hope you get better soon! I do some pilates/yoga stretching myself as physio exercises after my accident over a year ago. It’s really helping me with my lower back pain and mobility.

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