T-Shirt to Vest Transformation

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The final product. 🙂

February brings a crafting revival to me. It’s been a difficult year taking care of an ill parent and I’m hoping that my creative juices are flowing again. I have bounced around the past two weeks from crochet to sewing to jewelry making to paper crafting to crafting with my Cricut. My craft room looks like a bomb went off with too many incomplete projects! So today I wanted an instant gratification project that I could start and actually complete. I just needed to see something through.

I have been prodding my kids to declutter their rooms and my son finally brought me a bag of clothes. In that bag was the polo shirt that I’m using today . There are some other t-shirts that will make cute backpacks and a lot of jeans. I can’t wait to start working with all that denim! 😍 But first, the vest. This is a very forgiving project. The cuts don’t have to be perfect. They won’t be noticed because the fabric naturally turns inward. And it doesn’t fray! Yay. Anyway, on to the t-shirt to vest refashion.

I hope this inspires you to try some of your own. Don’t we all have some shirts to get rid of?? Good luck & enjoy!


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