Saturday is for Smoothies – 12/3/2022

Hey, y’all, Saturday is for smoothies! I don’t put oranges in my smoothies that often, but after being around several people with the flu I thought I could use some extra Vitamin C. Just combine a frozen banana with orange, cucumber, and chia seeds. Then add filtered water and ice. It’s yummy and full of nutrients! If you try it let me know what you think.

Have a great December! 😁

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  1. […] Welcome to another Saturday is for smoothies. (Ha Ha, so far there have only been two). I have been tweaking a new smoothie recipe this week and I am excited to share it for today’s Smoothie Saturday. I’ve dubbed it the “Kick Inflammations Butt” smoothie and this is honestly one of the best ones I have made in a while. I struggle with soreness and other inflammation issues from time to time so I wanted to create a recipe that was really packed with some anti-inflammatory ingredients. Both kale and turmeric can be overpowering tastes but they are relatively unnoticeable in this recipe. The other yummy ingredients are the flavor superstars of this drink. Here is a link to last week’s smoothie. […]

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