The Ultimate Time Waster

How do you waste the most time every day?

I have found that despite my efforts to limit my time online, that is still how I tend to waste the most time in a day. It’s true that the internet offers a plethora of resources and valuable information, but it can also be a source of distraction and procrastination. So I am making a conscious effort to prioritize my tasks and limit my online activity to only necessary and productive tasks.

I have started using the digital well-being service on my phone to set timers on my apps so I am alerted and the apps will shut down when I spend more than my allotted time on them. I have also set the bedtime mode on my phone to 9:00 p.m. The screen goes darker and only calls from specific people are allowed to come through until the set time in the morning.

By recognizing the potential time wasters of internet usage, I am better equipped to take control of my day and, hopefully, spend that extra time well. I know that I would be happier spending it with the people I love or alone in nature.

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  1. Seems like you’re pretty mindful and not at all wasteful. And who is perfect in using every moment of every day to its utmost potential??

  2. I waste a lot of time on my phone. Over a year ago I deleted all social media apps except Facebook so I am better but still bad. Thanks for the reminder to limit my time on the phone and spend more time with people and doing activities.

  3. These smartphones, tablets and laptops, with the latest technology and apps are supposed to work and save time in our favor. However, with all the notifications coming in, there seems to be no free time, even the in-between coffee break time.

    In the article I wrote, “The Time We Save Is Still The Time We Don’t Have”; I talk about how we constantly keep ourselves busy. We always complain with: I have no time”. But we keep loading our day with more to do.

    I use a Samsung Fold 3. My notifications bar on the top of the screen is usually full. Just clearing the notification bar every 3 hours only brings back more.

    Now, I don’t fret about it. I tell all the tools of my trade that I am in charge, that I will decide what is important to go through and what is not. And that is what we all have to do. To retake back the decision making from our gadgets.

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