31 Days of Yoga – Plank (Phalakasana)

Welcome to day 19. Today’s position is the plank pose. This is a very popular pose with a variety of variations. This is an empowering that strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra.

To perform plank: Begin on your hands and knees and place your hands shoulder-width apart spreading your fingers wide. Press your finger pads down to take pressure off your wrists. Gaze foward keeping a healthy curve in your neck. Shoulders should be back and chest open. Tighten your abdominal muscles and extend one leg back at a time placing your feet hip-width apart. Keep your spine long, pelvis neutral, and scoop your tailbone slightly. Squeeze inner thighs. Hold for 30 seconds or longer while breathing deeply. Relax. Stay safe. 😷

Benefits of Plank Pose:

  • Builds mental & physical endurance
  • Improves muscle tone of arms, shoulders, and core
  • Tones abdomen
  • Strengthens spine

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  1. Thanks for showing the plank with arms straight. I like it a lot better than with arms bent. Maybe I’ll do one in a few minutes.

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