31 Days of Yoga – Chair (Utkatasana)

Welcome to day 10! We’re one-third of the way through January. I’m enjoying learning new poses and getting back into doing the ones that I’m familiar with.

Today we’re learning the chair pose. This pose unites the strength of the legs, arms, and torso, lifting your core muscles and lengthening your spine. It looks simple but don’t think it’s as easy as sitting in a chair. It is a deep squat that works your back, legs, and ankles.

Again, we can start from mountain pose. Take a deep breath and raise your arms over your head. Palms facing each other. Exhale while bending your leg which are over your feet until you are in a position resembling sitting in the chair. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds. Work up to it if you need to. You will feel a burn. Exhale and raise back up to return to mountain pose.

Chair Pose Benefits:

  • Improves balance
  • Builds cardiovascular health
  • Strengthens core and legs
  • Tones nervous system
  • Builds endurance

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