31 Days of Yoga – Extended Puppy (Uttana Shishosana)

Welcome to day 17. Today we will be learning the extended puppy pose. It is a combination of child’s pose and downward dog and stretches the spine in both directions. This is a great pose if you hold stress in your upper back and shoulders.

To perform: Come onto all fours. Your shoulders should be above your wrists and your hips above your knees. Walk your hands forward a few inches. Exhale and move your hips halfway back toward your heels. Lower your arms until your elbows rest on mat. Extend your arms lowering your chest to the floor. Rest your head on the floor while stretching back. To exit pose, walk hands back up to all fours.

Benefits of Extended Puppy Pose:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improves insomnia
  • Helps with anxiety & tension
  • Stretches spine, arms, & shoulders
  • Increases self confidence

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