31 Days of Yoga – Triangle (Trikonasana)

Welcome to day 26! Today we learn the triangle pose. This is a standing pose that stretches your legs and opens your chest.

To perform: Begin standing with your feet three to four feet apart. Turn your left foot out facing in that direction. Slightly bend your left leg and raise your arms out to your sides. This will make a “T” shape. Straighten your left leg. Reach your torso over your left leg as your hips shift back. Your left arm needs to be face up toward the ceiling. Turn your head so that you are looking across your left arm. Keep your spine straight while reaching your left hand to the mat in front of your left foot. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.

Benefits of Triangle Pose:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Provides a full body stretch

Thanks for visiting. Come back tomorrow for our 27th pose. Wow! We’re almost done with the month. It’s gone by quickly! Have a good night. 😁 You can see the previous poses by typing “yoga” in the search bar below. ⬇

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