31 Days of Yoga – Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Hello day 23! Today we will learn the bridge pose. It’s considered a mild inversion because the heart is higher than the head. This pose is a beginning backbend that can be used to prepare for deeper backbends. It can also be performed with a block as a restorative pose. You can really feel the stretch in your thighs when performing this pose.

To perform: Lie on your back and bend your knees. Place your palms face down on each side of your body. Your feet should be hip-width apart. Lift hips without squeezing glutes. Tuck your chin down toward your chest. Relax your glutes and use your inner thighs to keep your hips highly elevated. Hold for 30 seconds then slowly relax.

Benefits of Bridge Pose:

  • Stretches spine, neck, backs, & hips
  • Improves insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, & headaches
  • Opens chest & shoulders

Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you are enjoying my yoga month. Type “yoga” in the search bar below for other poses. Stay safe! 😷

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